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Why User Experience

7 reasons why your company needs User experience


Better products

A process that involves users and understands the commercial objectives will always result in a product that works better.


Cheaper to fix problems

By involving users within the design process, you learn what doesn’t work when it’s most cost effective to fix it. An adjustment to a prototype is many times cheaper than a technical fix. UX Helps to ensure that design issues are discovered and fixed in the design phase and not once products have been launched.


Easy to monetize

The reality of many User centered design projects is that despite being “user-centered,” the focus is really on designing something that primarily achieves a commercial objective.


Market Quickly

Projects that take a pure User centered design approach let the customers decide which route to follow. The involvement of users can be a great way to help to make decisions and get the project moving again.


Reasearch bring insights

User research uncovers opportunities to differentiate products to gain competitive advantages. Design decisions, after all, should be based on evidence and not opinions. 


Ease of use is a must

In user research, we often hear customers using terms such as “usability” when describing qualities they seek from products. This is often a result of products being advertised as being easy to use.


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