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Doubting about taking an online course because of lack of Personal mentorship? Not having enough time for attending a UX classroom course? Needing more skills for your actual work?

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Is this mentorship for me ?

+ You're switching careers and transitioning from a different
field to UX
+ You're a student or graduate looking for your first UX job
+ You're a solo UX designer in your organization
+ You're an experienced designer looking for your next
UX challenge or next career move
+ You're a freelance designer who cares about user experience
and wants to add more value to web design projects


How can this mentorship help me?

+ Accelerate your growth in UX
+ Understand your options and paths available
+ Achieve your personal goals
+ Gain clarity on your career path
+ Add value to your web design projects
+ Get guidance, feedback, and advice from someone with
experience in different type of roles and settings

Learn User experience with me

There are lots of free self-paced courses and materials out there for both beginners and advanced. However, most of them still have lower completion rates. Why? Because they lack a more structured support, a sense of community and accountability. A mentor will keep you accountable while also providing you extra support for these self-
paced initiatives.


Achieve your personal career goals

Getting started in UX can be daunting, especially if you aren't 100% sure about the right career path for you. I can help you gain clarity and decide on your first step. Is it starting as a generalist to understand what you really want to focus on? Is it start freelancing right away? Is it to specialize in a very specific field? I'm here to help. I've been there too. Whether you want to be an independent UX consultant or work in a big company, I can guide you towards achieving your own goals.


Mentees Feedback

What students experienced though my mentorship


Romina Cragnolino


“It was very straightforward mentorship where I gained new skills which can be applied directly to my daily activities. A big difference with  training courses is that Renata helps you to gain skills according to your personal interest ”


Mariana Tavella

Graphic designer

"I neeeded new skills for my actual job. To have Renata help me out was a great experience, that gave me a big picture of how I can improve and also adjust mentoring sessions to my daily life."


Andres Tonello

Front end developer

"I was willing to understand how to tweak to UX design. With Renata, I could understand which can be my next steps and how to make that happen."


Let' get start mentoring

I’d be honored to help you succeed.
If you’re interested in learning more about mentoring or how we might collaborate together, just ask.


(+54) 911. 5644. 2093

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