UX Mentoring.

Custom Courses & Career Advice
Having doubts about taking an online course because of the lack of one-on-one attention?
Not enough time to attend a UX in-person course?
Need more skills for your current job? 

Frequently asked questions.

Is this mentorship for me?

+ You're switching careers and transitioning from a different field to UX
+ You're a student or graduate looking for your first UX job
+ You're the only UX designer in your organization
+ You're an experienced designer looking for your next
UX challenge or to make a career move
+ You're a freelance designer who cares about user experience and wants to add more value to web design projects

I will help you ...

+ Accelerate your growth in UX
+ Understand the options and paths available to you
+ Achieve your personal goals
+ Gain clarity regarding your career path
+ Add value to your web design projects
+ Get guidance, feedback, and advice from someone with
experience in different types of roles and settings 

Let’s learn User Experience together.

There are lots of free self-paced courses and materials out there for both beginners and advanced. However, most of them still have lower completion rates. Why? Because they lack structured support, a sense of community, and accountability. A mentor will keep you accountable while also providing you extra support for these self-
paced initiatives. 

Achieve your personal career goals.

Getting started with UX can be daunting, especially if you aren't 100% sure if it is the right career path for you. I can help you gain clarity and decide on your first step. Is it to start as a generalist to understand what you really want to focus on? Is it to start freelancing right away? Is it to specialize in a very specific field? I'm here to help. I've been there too. Whether you want to be an independent UX consultant or to work in a big company, I can guide you towards achieving your own goals.

Need Help Finding the Right Service?

Get helpful information though a free consultancy.

Need Help Finding the Right Service?

Get helpful information though a free consultancy.